i need your help (yes – you!!)


I have been getting a lot of very nice comments about my writing from people who have been reading this blog.  Thanks, by the way!   I am enjoying blogging  and it greatly helps me process the thoughts and emotions that have been so much a part of this new journey of my life.

For several months now, I have been toying with an idea for a book, and all of the encouragement about my writing has made me think a little more seriously about at least exploring it.  So this is sort of a feeler, to see how the research portion might go.

The idea of the book, very loosely, is to interview people about the question “What do you know now that you wish you knew then?”  I’m interested to hear what people find important to have learned through life.  I expect to hear trivial and deep, serious and silly.  I then want to interview high school and college age students (my thought is to use psychology classes if I can interest a few teachers in the idea) about why the idea of learning from the experience of someone older is negative to them, and how wisdom/experience could be presented to them in a way they would receive.

Anyway, that’s the idea, or the beginning of the idea.   So what I want is to try to get a sample of beginning interviews or pre-interviews.  If you would please take a few minutes and write your answer to the question (don’t try to be eloquent or fancy, just write like you would talk to me).  It can be a few sentences or a few paragraphs, whatever feels right to you.  So – What do YOU know now that you wish you knew then?

You can answer either by using the “comment” feature, or by writing to me at kim.loves.sam@gmail.com

Thanks in advance for helping me with this.  I think it could be a really good project for me during my treatment and recovery, but it’s also something I’ve been interested in for a while.  Looking forward to hearing from you and hearing about you and what you think!

10 thoughts on “i need your help (yes – you!!)

  1. What do YOU know now that you wish you knew then?

    What I know now, that I wish I knew then… or what I wish I could tell my younger self, would probably be along the lines of the following.

    Your body is worth so much more than you’re giving it credit. You have a family history of heart disease, obesity, hormonal issues, and reproductive issues. Get into the habit now, at a young age, so that you can live a long healthy life.

    A long the lines of taking care of your body, you have to take care of your mind as well. You are a beautiful girl, and will be a beautiful woman. Let those thoughts fill you now, to lock out any negative self statements.

    Because the more you start hating yourself, the more you start seeking validations from men. You will never gain respect from others until you’ve learned to respect yourself.

  2. I wish I had know that God would give me the desires of my heart–if I waited long enough to discover what the true desires of my heart (not my mind, will, or flesh) really were!

  3. Sam Weiss

    I think a book is a GREAT idea. I know I am a little biased here, OK a lot biased here, but I think you write extremely well. I have talked with a number of people that read this blog and within the first few sentences, they tell me just how well they think you write and how much they enjoy reading you. I am not a big reader, and still I come here every day to hear what you are feeling and what you have to say…and I see a lot of it live as you live it.

    As for your request…I wish I had known back in the day that people really will pay in excess of $4 or more for a bottle of water. Water!? Comes out of the tap…nearly free by the glass…and now a huge industry. I wish I knew enough to have invented the internet…before Al Gore.

    Seriously though, I think one of the biggest things I know now that I wish I knew then was how to pay more attention to the things that really matter. For many years I think I was motivated to have stuff and to build wealth and such that would carry me into the future, but as I get older I see my future “wealth” is the relationships that are grown along the journey. It is a lesson that I still learn daily. I believe having a better understanding of this earlier in my life likely would have led to making some better decisions along the way. I might have worked less, spent differently, and made better life choices along the way.

    • Thank you my love for the kind words about my writing. I am sure enjoying it, and it is very therapeutic for me, as you know (such as when you wake up to find me keyboarding away at 6 a.m.) Thank you also for your answer to my question – which is very similar to my own personal answer. Imagine that! We agree.

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