did i really just see that?


I’ve been sitting here watching some TV, just resting, and a public service announcement just came on.  Now, I am all for cancer prevention, and obviously now it is closer to the heart, as it is so real to me.  However, this PSA was so bizarre I had to stop and ask myself if it really said what I thought it said.  It featured a good looking actor asking the camera, “Want to get your girlfriend something special this Valentine’s Day?  Inspect yourself for testicular cancer.  Why give her diamonds when you can give her the family jewels?”

Now, am I just an old fart or is that way tasteless?  Besides, I want diamonds.  Don’t we all, ladies?

I realize that it is so important to encourage people to self-examine.  Despite all the warnings and publicity, I doubt that all women do breast self-exams every month.  There are many simple early detection tests that people don’t take advantage of.   Colorectal sample testing is very simple and non-invasive.   I know colonoscopies are nothing to look forward to, but they also aren’t all that terrible.  Compared to cancer, believe me, you want the colonoscopy.  I took mammograms for granted, viewing them as a necessary annoyance.  I didn’t really think that I was at risk, because I had no family history or risk factors.  So take me as a cautionary tale.  Cancer can happen to anyone.  It can happen to you.  Get tested, examine yourself, see your doctor.

But for Valentine’s Day, give your special someone diamonds.  Or at least flowers and chocolate.

4 thoughts on “did i really just see that?

  1. Jerri Thompson

    I agree with you on the commercial about the “family jewels”. I was in disbelief watching it. In very poor taste in my opinion.

  2. Deanna & John

    I am kinda hoping for a Vermont Teddy Bear! (Just kidding. . . so tired of those commercials on TV!) I agree with what you are saying and if you are an old fart, so am I!! I am going to enjoy a wonderfully WARM vacation in Florida for Valentine’s Day . . . with a nice, quiet seafood dinner!

    • grace haas

      Alright already!! Is this the third or fourth trip you have taken already this year? Like Kim, I’m jealous – well, not really, but a get-away is always fun, like the couple days we spent with Patti and Dan in the Dells. Enjoy the sun and seafood! We should be in the 40’s on Monday, which is quite an improvement over the -15 here this week.

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