top ten things about losing my hair to chemotherapy


Top 10 things about losing my hair…

10. I probably won’t be approached by strange elderly men as much. Something about the red curls just attracted octogenarians. Once in a checkout line an old man said to me, “Turn around here.” Startled, I did, and he said, “Yep, the eyebrows match. I just had to see. That’s my favorite hair color.”   Even a few weeks ago at the Cancer Center an old – and I mean seriously old- man in a wheelchair wheezed out “Looking good, red!”

9. Huge savings on hair care products. I hope that Garnier Fructis is still in business when my hair grows back, because they are going to feel the loss of all the money I gave them every month, that is for sure.

8. Lots of extra room in the bathroom cupboard. This one is purely theoretical.  I assume that once I get all the hair care products that I no longer need cleaned out, there will be lots of extra room.  However, I hate to throw them away, and I don’t really know anyone with the right type of hair to use them.  So, there they sit.

7. I’m finding out how great I look in hats. Too bad they aren’t in style at all, but I can’t have everything.

6. I can wear a scarf as a head wrap to match any outfit. Too bad they are even less stylish than hats.

5. I no longer have to clean a small poodle out of the drain after a shower. My hair always fell out easily anyway, and it was so disgusting getting it out of the shower.  Ewwww.

4. No more smelly, messy hair dye.  (For a while.) Yes, I admit it,  I helped it out.  Seriously, do you think I got to be this age with no gray hair?  Thanks, really, thanks VERY much if you did… but no.

3. I can wash my hair in the sink.  With a washcloth. I was surprised that I still need to use shampoo and conditioner, but Becky at Image Recovery said the scalp needs it.  Obviously the whisker-like stubble doesn’t.  It’s a little weird using the specially-for-color-treated-curly-hair shampoo on a washcloth to scrub my nearly bald head, but it’s what I have and it should last a year or so at this rate.

2. I can wash my hair in the sink.  No, IN the sink. I can whip it off my head and pop it in a sink with a little shampoo, like I did this afternoon.  No conditioner.  Pat dry “like a silk blouse” Becky said.   Let air dry on the stand.  Much easier than the old hair.

And the number one best thing about losing my hair….


A cheerful disposition is good for your health; gloom and doom leave you bone-tired.  Proverbs 17:22

5 thoughts on “top ten things about losing my hair to chemotherapy

  1. Michelle

    Oh, Kim… I can only hope that you got half as many laughs as I did from tonight’s post. I mean, really! Do you read back and simply crack yourself up?

    ❤ you.

  2. viv christopherson

    Thumbs up for Kim!! I’m so impressed with your positive attitude & you are doing a great job of writing. I’m hoping others who have cancer will read your blogs & be encouraged by your perspective on this journey. Hang in there & keep smiling, you’re always in my prayers. Love Ya, Viv

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