seriously unpleasant side effect


TMI ALERT- this blog will be discussing graphic health details of a personal and unpleasant nature.  If you are easily offended and/or grossed out, or just prefer to avoid such discussions, please stop reading now.


I have been struggling the last several days with a severe intestinal blockage.  I’m not talking about a little common constipation.  I saw the X-rays.  My intestines are not only blocked and packed up, in all areas, but they are distended, and as my doctor tells me, the contents therein continue to dehydrate, becoming rock-like.  I have been given all of the reasonable and normal remedies, including the stuff I took the night before  my colonoscopy.  When THAT didn’t work I was pretty freaked out.

My doctor tells me that the reason I feel so terribly sick is that poisons are being constantly released into my body.  That’s why I am itching all over as well.  She compared the pain I have been having to labor and I can’t disagree, other than the fact that labor is more regular and often.  I have screamed and even passed out once from this pain.

Tonight she has prescribed the strongest thing she can give me medicinally to try to remedy this situation.  She told me she has another patient right now currently hospitalized for the same problem.  I believe that is the next step and I really don’t want that so I hope tonight is successful, uncomfortable and painful as it will be.

In a couple of days, I’m sure I could write something funny about this, but right now I just need to lie down and rest again. This is rather embarrassing, but I guess it is a not-uncommon side effect of one of the chemo drugs.  Thanks again for all of you who are praying for me.  I really need it right now.

One thought on “seriously unpleasant side effect

  1. Jerri Thompson


    My mom was hospitalized with a fecal impaction several years ago, and they used hot milk & molasses enemas to remove it. I was with her and I know it was awful, but she got through it. We take CALM, smooth move tea, miralax or prunes around our house when things don’t want to move. These may be too little, too late, but maybe a combination could make the difference.

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