Happy Tortilla Chip Day!  I didn’t even know it was Tortilla Chip Day until a few minutes ago, yet I unknowingly celebrated by having tortilla soup for lunch.  It was good soup, too.   Did you know it was Tortilla Chip Day?

Apparently there is something to celebrate every day, and I’ve been missing out.  Just in the last week I missed Hoodie Hoo Day on the 20th (whatever that is) and even worse, on the 19th, I missed National Chocolate Mint Day.  Now that I could have celebrated in style!  Mint chocolate chip ice cream with hot fudge… Girl Scout Mint Thins… Mint Meltaways…. mmmmmmmmm….

But now that I’m on the lookout, I’m not going to miss out – next month alone there are If Pets Had Thumbs Day, Middle Name Pride Day, National Goof Off Day (who would want to miss that?) and – even better – Everything You Do Is Right Day.  Just to name a few.

I’m not sure where these goofy holidays come from.  Some are fun, like International Talk Like a Pirate Day  and some are downright silly, like Something On A Stick Day or Dance Like a Chicken Day.  But I love the idea of something to celebrate, even if it’s silly or obscure or made up.

Of course we don’t need something like Elephant Appreciation Day to help us celebrate life.  Just the fact that life is out there – all the beauty, the joy, the struggle, the love, the fun,  the waking up every morning – that’s enough to celebrate.  The fact that the God who created the universe loves me and you and gives us everything we need for our lives and for eternity is more than enough to celebrate.  But sometimes a silly little reminder can help.  It helped me.

So go have some tortilla chips.  Or dance like a chicken (even though it’s not May 19 yet.)  Celebrate life.

2 thoughts on “celebrate

  1. Ronnie Gatley

    Two of my favorite holidays to celebrate are Lumpy Rug Day (May 3) and National Nut Day (Oct 22) which just so happens to fall on our 45th Wedding Anniversary this year! I hope someone emails God on March 30 to let Him know that it will be, I Am In Control Day. He might want to know about that. It will give Him the day off! Of course everyday is prayer day for both you and Sam. Take care. God is Good.

  2. grace haas

    Wish I had known sooner – would have made tortilla soup for dinner! It’s one of our favorites, so I will do it soon and celebrate at that time.

    Continuing to pray that your white cell count will be high enough tomorrow so your schedule will not be interrupted, and you will be at the “half-way” mark.

    If you have access to a Good Housekeeping magazine for March, read the short story beginning on page 167, “Lost and Found”. I think you will like it.

    A verse for today from the Upper Room devotional:

    “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 (NIV)

    Advice I need to be reminded of often.

    Love you so very much.

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