halfway there – chemo #3


Today was my third round of chemotherapy.  According to the treatment plan, I’m supposed to get  six, so I’m half done.  After the next round (#4), I will get a new set of scans to check for cancer.  My doctor tells me she expects those scans to show me to be clean.  I can’t wait – three more weeks.  After that, if the scans show what we are expecting, I still have two additional rounds of chemo just to be sure we got any stray cells and nothing is left to start growing again.

Chemo today was very uneventful.  My white cell count was just barely high enough – not quite up to the lowest edge of normal, but up enough that we could do the chemo.  Thank God, delaying chemo was definitely not a good thought.

I wore my new blue fuzzy cap hand-knitted by my mom (thanks, mom!) and got lots of compliments on it.  The IV Benadryl I get to keep down reactions to the chemo drugs really knocked me out today, and I slept through most of the day.  I would wake up enough to realize that I was in that head-hanging, mouth-wide-open, really unattractive state that comes from sleeping in a chair, but kept falling back to sleep just the same.

I did spend some time on my laptop before the Benadryl knocked me for a loop, and one of the things that popped up on my welcome screen was the whole pitiful Charlie Sheen story.  I found it kind of ironic to be sitting with chemo meds being pumped into my chest, while I read Martin Sheen compare Charlie’s drinking, drug use and partying with hookers to cancer.  I do realize that addiction is a disease, but it’s a disease that got its start in voluntary bad choices and continuing to make those bad choices along the way.  I have a lot of sympathy for the destruction that addiction wreaks in the lives of people.  However, I protest comparing what Charlie Sheen is currently doing to self-destruct to cancer, which so often strikes without any understandable reason, taking out parents and children, wives and husbands, young and old without discrimination.

Ok, that’s my little rant for the day.  (I’d make a Dennis Miller reference, but it just totally dates me.)   I’m done ranting and back to celebrating.  Halfway done with chemo and halfway on the road back to normal.   Hair and all!

With all my heart I praise the LORD!   I will never forget how kind he has been.
The LORD forgives our sins, heals us when we are sick, and protects us from death.

His kindness and love are a crown on our heads.   Each day that we live, he provides for our needs
and gives us the strength of a young eagle.  Psalm 103:2-5

One thought on “halfway there – chemo #3

  1. Deanna & John

    Hi Kim. . . I knit “Chemo Caps” for my hospital auxillary. My sister (a cancer survivor) knits them for the Virginia Piper Cancer Center in Scottsdale. . . . . so I know exactly what you are speaking of! And, you are spot on with Charlie Sheen. . . poor choices lead to self-destruction and he and some of his Hollywood comrades are the poster children for that issue. I pray for those people as I pray for you. Why is it so much easier to pray for you than him? I guess I need to talk with my pastor about that. You are halfway there and as I said before, let your support system do the heavy lifting for you. Love you, Deanna

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