There was once a woman who was overweight.  She hated her weight but pretended it didn’t bother her.  She talked about being “big and beautiful”, or decried society’s obsession with appearances, but when she was alone, she knew that she was not healthy and she didn’t like what she saw in the mirror.

She had tried diet after diet without success and realized she couldn’t lose the weight herself.  Finally she went to a doctor who recommended a gastric bypass.  She had the surgery and the weight started coming off.  She had her part to do as well, eating food that was appropriate, and the amounts she could eat were definitely smaller.  Certain foods were just not good for her at all.

Once she started to see herself as a thinner person, she thought, “I should tell some of my overweight friends how well this works”, and she did.  One or two were excited about the idea, but others were offended that she was suggesting that they had a weight problem.  Forgetting how she felt not that long earlier when she would rationalize her own weight situation, the woman continued to point out how overweight they were in more specific terms, so they would understand that they needed help.

Soon she started approaching people she barely knew, wanting them to have this experience of thinness, but instead of telling them how happy she was with her new body and how healthy she was, she felt it was important to make sure they knew they were fat.  If it wasn’t pointed out to them, how would they know they needed the surgery?

Eventually she gathered other previously fat people, who all agreed on the harmfulness of overweight, and together they started picketing candy factories and fast food places.  They petitioned for the elimination of oversized seats and seatbelt extenders, as they were catering to an unhealthy segment of the population that should change instead of being made comfortable.   They categorized different types of “fatties” and did their best to make sure that they didn’t work with or spend time with the worst kinds.  They made sure to point out to people which foods were making them fat, especially the “worst” ones, and did everything they could to stop people from eating them.   They stopped talking almost altogether about how much their lives had been changed for the better, and concentrated almost entirely on trying to get rid of other people’s fat.  Very few people went to the clinic on their recommendation because they made people feel defensive and angry and ugly, instead of loved and cared about.

(If you don’t get it….  substitute “sin” for “fat”… )

Then Jesus said to them, “Go everywhere in the world, and tell everyone the Good News.  Mark 16:15

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