later that same evening…


I was just watching some coverage of the devastation in Japan, and I feel so ashamed of myself for my cranky attitude.  Here I am in my warm, beautiful home with running water (hot and cold), plenty of food, and all my belongings and sentimental objects.  I can turn and hug my wonderful husband as often as I like, or pick up the phone and call my mom or my brother or sister or my kids.  I know that they are alive and well.   I am going to sleep in my own bed tonight and drive my car to work tomorrow, and see my friends.   Simple everyday things I take for granted, but things that thousands of Japanese would love to have right now.

I am truly sorry for thinking of me, me, me – especially when it is about such silly things.  I was blessed with a beautiful wig for free from the Susan Komen Foundation, and I complain because it bugs my face.   I am feeling so much better after a weekend of real misery, and I complain because I’m only 80% better instead of 100%.

Thank you, Lord, for getting my head straight.  Forgive my lack of gratitude.

3 thoughts on “later that same evening…

  1. Cheri

    Don’t you dare. We all know that you are the only one who can feel what you are feeling. Of course our hearts are all going out to the people in Japan. I got an email today from a client who was working on a project but had to evacuate her family from Tokyo. I thought she was in the states!

    The reality, however, is that what is happening in Omaha is YOUR reality. It’s okay to get cranky sometimes. Because it’s the getting cranky that makes you realize that you really are okay. If you were living in a fantasy world where you didn’t complain about what was going on in your life once in a while, well, I’d be asking to share some of your meds!!

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