happy birthday, love


All in all, it was a much better birthday for Sam than I had anticipated.  With all the struggles that we have been experiencing, I was pretty down about his birthday.  But today was a gift in itself.

As has been happening throughout the last several months around my cancer, today we were reminded again and again what wonderful friends and family we have.  We were hugely encouraged by offers to forward Sam’s resume, emails and calls about job possibilities, and just the fact that people are so involved and caring about helping him find another job.  One sweet friend and her sister baked and decorated a cake and brought it to our house to surprise Sam.  We enjoyed a birthday dinner out courtesy of a gift card, and have an invitation for another dinner (oh yes, homemade sauce!) tomorrow night.

This has been a difficult few months, and the last couple of weeks have been even harder.  I’m not going to pretend any different.  But I will say this with absolute certainty: I know that God has a plan.  I know that God is in charge.  I know that God loves us and is using all of this for good.

Something else I will say with certainty and clarity: There is no one that I would rather have had by my side through these times of struggle than Sam.  He has been and continues to be centered on God, keeping our life together on an even keel through these storms.  He is kind, unselfish, giving, loving, romantic, hard-working, accepting, forgiving, faithful, funny and smart.  He is fun to spend time with and always makes me feel safe.  I’d rather be broke with him than rich with anyone else in the world.  I am so glad that he was born 53 years ago today, and even more glad that I was the one person blessed enough to share this life with him.

Happy birthday, love of my life.



One thought on “happy birthday, love

  1. grace haas

    So glad you had such a happy day together. . .you both deserve it. Hope today is equally good; with maybe even some sunshine? Love you guys !

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