peeking at the party


Tonight almost all of my family got together at my mom and dad’s little tiny house.  When that happens, it becomes what I call the “happy chaos”.  The house is about the right size for the two of them, it’s ok when Sam and I visit, it’s close when there’s more than that.  Add small children, any number, and it gets crazy.  But good crazy.

Tonight my son and his three sons, (our amazing, super-human, practically-walk-on-water grandsons), my daughter, my sister and her two girls, and my brother were all there packed into a noisy, happy, sardine can of family love.  They had chicken for dinner and brownies for dessert.  And after that, they set up a computer, and video chatted me in.

It was wonderful and terrible – like being in the same room, but behind glass, or tied to a chair.  I got to watch the boys giggling and wrestling, and see them playing with their cousins.  I got to see how beautiful Courtney looks with the way she is wearing her bangs now.  I got to watch Jeremiah make faces at himself in the monitor and laugh myself silly.  But at the same time, I had tears in my eyes, because I wanted so much to tickle the boys myself.  I wanted so much to take Courtney in my arms.  I haven’t hugged her since Christmas.  I haven’t hugged ANY of them since Christmas, since that difficult, special Christmas when everything was overshadowed by me having to tell my family about my cancer.   That was the last time we spent together.  It was sad, and solemn, and loving, and intense.  And I miss all of them so much – and watching them laugh and play and smile at each other was just beautiful – but oh, I wanted to be there so badly!

Children are a blessing and a gift from the LORD.  Psalm 127:2-4 (so are parents… and sisters and brothers)


4 thoughts on “peeking at the party

  1. viv christopherson

    Aren’t the many means of communication today just awesome! I’m so glad you got to have a “Fun Family Time” with the whole group! What a spirit lifter!
    Love Ya – Viv

  2. Cheri

    Yeah, well, it was LOUD, CRAZY, and just plain nuts. And, just to let you in on a secret you already know, your son is a genius. Soon after you signed off, he said, in his loudest Dad voice, “Okay guys, it’s time to settle down!” And he turned on “UP”. Started it about 1/2 way through, and Kate and Micah snuggled on the couch while Maggie had Jeremiah on one side and Jonah on the other in Dad’s La-Z-Boy. From screaming to silent in about three minutes. The grown ups then clustered in Mom’s tiny galley kitchen and whispered so as not to break the magic of silence!

    And within a 1/2 hour of that, Mom and Dad were able to enjoy the blessed silence of their home again, as we all loudly piled into our vehicles and made our way home. It was a fun evening, but I have no doubt, you’d be suffering a migraine right about now. Probably not complaining about it, but suffering none the less (I’m not saying this cuz I have one today or nothin’… yeah, right!).

    You were missed, but it was so cool that you could join us like you did. And, carrying around a laptop showing you the chaos, you WERE part of that chaos. Congratulations!

    • Thanks for that. I can completely picture everyone snuggled up watching the movie, and all of you big people crammed in that kitchen on top of each other! My body may be in Omaha, but a big chunk of my heart is in that little house (which in my mind still has everybody in it… ok? I’ll just mentally keep you all in one place. I like it like that.)

  3. grace haas

    We missed you being here with us. . . . but enjoyed having you “with us” by computer. It was a fun afternoon and evening, and I hope we can repeat it soon and often. It will be the best when you and Sam are here with us, too. Our prayers continue for you both. Love you

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