little blessings


It’s been a happy day.  I’m still not feeling so great, but definitely better than Friday when I saw Dr. Geetha.  It’s been a day of many little blessings, small happinesses, the stuff that makes you smile.

First, the sun was shining.  Yes, I know that sounds so trite and cliched and gooey.  But a cold, gray, rainy day like yesterday affects me mentally and physically, and a bright sunny day does too.  Especially a day like today, when the sun is lighting up the new bright green grass and the tiny baby leaves on the hedges that surround our back yard.  I love those hedges.  When they fill in, the French doors in the kitchen are completely filled with the view of green leaves, and it feels like being out in the country somewhere, especially when the birds are singing.  I will miss those hedges.  I  might not even see the leaves completely come open before we move, but at least I got to see them come green again, instead of leaving when everything was dead and gray.

Next, I got a phone call that made my day.  Someone special that I have really been missing called, and we had a great, long, fun conversation.  We laughed and talked about nothing.  That call alone was enough to make this a great day.

While we were packing the contents of closets and shelves into boxes, Sam came up behind me and said “We have something to celebrate.”  I turned around and he was holding two beautiful lead crystal champagne flutes filled with water.  He said, “We need to toast your great report.”  Then he told me that my mom had given him the glasses at Christmas and told him to keep them till we had something to celebrate.  So like both of them – mom to make the gift something meaningful, and Sam to remember and honor it and give us that moment.  It wasn’t sitting at a candlelit table, but there was something very special and intimate and right about just the two of us, sitting on the end of our bed, toasting the good report and my health.

Then tonight our best friends met us at one of our favorite restaurants for dinner – and it tasted good!  That may sound silly, but nothing has tasted really good for so long.  In fact, many things have tasted downright bad, so to have an entire dinner that was delicious was a joy that was near ecstatic.  Especially when the chocolate beignets came at the end.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes.   If you have never had a chocolate beignet, please get yourself in the fastest legal mode of transportation possible to a N’Awlins style restaurant and begin life.  If you are one of the strange species who don’t like chocolate (I know you’re out there, I just don’t know why), there are other flavors.  I’m sure they’re good, I’ve just never bothered to taste one.

Here’s a link to a great song.  (I can’t embed songs into my blog because I won’t pay for the upcharge, so all I can do is post the links.)  It really sums up how I feel today.  Life Is Precious by Wes King

You will forget your misery; you will remember it as waters that have passed away.   Job 11:16

One thought on “little blessings

  1. viv christopherson

    I’m glad you had a sunny day both outdoors & in your heart! A toast to you & Sam for how well you have dealt with all the things that have happened in the last few months. After midnight (a fun evening with friends) & tomorrow is early church but had to unwind a bit so checking emails. Your email made a happy ending to my day!
    Love ya Viv

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