you loved me anyway


I was driving today to get some false eyelashes because we were going to a wedding and I didn’t want to go without eyelashes.  A song came on the radio, and suddenly I realized that eyelashes were not very important.  All the chaos and exhaustion and frustration of being half-moved-in wasn’t important.  Even whether or not I still had cancer wasn’t very important, because God had it in his hands.  There was really only one thing on this planet that mattered, and all of my life revolved around this one fact, and how I respond to it every day.

I could write about moving and about the wedding, and about the amazing weather, or my missionary friend from Guatemala who was at the wedding and what an amazing thing God is doing with her (and I’m sure I will.)  But today, all I want to share is this song.  God has spoken to me so strongly with it.  It’s simple but it is so deep.  Please click this link to go to YouTube and listen to the whole thing, at least once.

That’s all.  🙂


One thought on “you loved me anyway

  1. grace haas

    From the Upper Room Devotional on Saturday:

    Thought for the Day

    In Frustrating times, remember that God is always up to something good.

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