mother’s day


Today is the day when, unless you are a zombie with no feelings at all, you remember your mother and all she did for you.    Some people find Mother’s Day an obligation, part of a relationship that is run by guilt and requirements.  Some people find Mother’s Day sad as they remember a mother who is now gone and is greatly missed.  Some people sadly find Mother’s Day painful, a reminder of dysfunction and abuse, or of their own infertility.

But many people, like me, are blessed to find today a day to celebrate and be thankful for having a wonderful mom who was a shining star in their life.  Many of them will send cards saying things like “You’re the best mom in the world”, but only one of them will be right.  Me.  😉

My mom is an incredible person, and the most amazing part is she has no idea.  She is one of the most humble people I know, to the point of not really believing in herself as much as she should.  If she could only see herself through everyone else’s eyes…

The number one defining characteristic about my mom is kindness.  Every person who knows her uses the same phrase to describe her: “The nicest person I know.”  And she really is.  She is the kind of person who makes everyone feel special and interesting, whether it’s someone new at church or the cashier at the grocery store.  She wishes she had a bigger house so she could be more hospitable, but she doesn’t realize that she has the natural gift of hospitality, which is making people feel comfortable and easy, at her home or wherever she is.  She makes people feel better about themselves when they are near her.  The love of Jesus just shines out.

My mom is a worker.  In fact, we have to try to get her to sit down when we have family events or dinners.  She’s always up getting one more thing, fixing something in the kitchen, cleaning up.  She learned well from her mom- a mother of 12 on a Minnesota farm back in the day without modern conveniences, when she had to work dawn to dusk or it just wouldn’t get done.  Mom is finally retired from working outside jobs, but her last job was for Comfort Keepers, doing in-home care for the elderly (bathing, cleaning, driving to appointments, etc.).  I believe she was 70 when she quit.

Mom is an encourager.  She seldom has a negative word to say.  She calls me frequently just to cheer me up, to have a friendly chat.  Not as frequently as she would like though, because when she is concerned about my current reaction to treatment or my condition, she calls Sam in case I’m resting, so she won’t bother me.

Mom is a woman of God.  I remember as a child seeing a Bible verse on an index card on the refrigerator, and asking mom, “Why is there a Bible verse on the fridge?”  Her answer was, “It’s a good verse, isn’t it?”  That never left me, the idea of just having a verse in front of you because it was a “good verse”.  It helped change my perception of the Bible from something to take to church, to something to use in life.  I can call mom about anything and know her answer will be “We will be praying for you” and know that those aren’t just words.  I know that the times in my life when I was far from God, the prayers of my parents were the kite string that kept me from flying away in the wind.

Mom is a mother.  That has always been her focus in life.  She has had jobs from time to time, some part-time, some full-time, but she has always been about her family.  Everything else is secondary to her.  Nothing gives her greater joy than when everyone is gathered for an event like Christmas (noisy, crazy, chaotic Christmas in mom and dad’s little house!).   Mom bakes for days beforehand, and the Christmas breakfast menu is a tradition.  Family is her life, which is, of course, what makes her the greatest mom in the world.  And I love her.

Isn't she beautiful? ❤

She is strong and is respected by the people. 
       She looks forward to the future with joy.
  She speaks wise words 
       and teaches others to be kind.
  She watches over her family 
       and never wastes her time.
  Her children speak well of her. 
       Her husband also praises her,
  saying, “There are many fine women, 
       but you are better than all of them.”

Proverbs 31: 25-29

7 thoughts on “mother’s day

  1. grace haas

    Once again, thank you , Viv, Patti, Corrine and Deanna (and Kim) for such kind remarks. Isn’t it funny how differently others see your life strengths than the way you view yourself? I always find my family members to be so much more in every way than what I personally see in myself. Thankfully, God made me who I am, and I love my life as wife, mom, sister, grandmother and great-grandmom to my wonderful family!

  2. Patti Kies

    Grace was also my “Mom” for a few years when I lived with your family in Harvard. They lived in an apartment–only two bedrooms, if I remember right, but Ron and I both lived there for awhile, and always felt loved by
    your Mom and Dad both—gave us a great start in our “growing up years”

    • I think she has been “mom” to so very many people, whether they lived with us or not. It is just who she is. She has that nurturing heart. Of course, she is an awful lot like her sisters…

  3. viv christopherson

    I fully agree with you, Kim. Your Mom has a big heart & is always ready to help with whatever needs to be done. She takes after her Mom in a million ways!
    Hope you have a good week! Love Ya – Viv

  4. grace haas

    Thank you, my sweet daughter – you made me cry. Such a beautiful tribute, and I will try to live up to it, with God’s help. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day . . .

  5. corrine nebben

    I affirm every word you wrote! She was my sister/mom when I lived at your home in Illinois for some months when I was 18 years old. Watching her live her life was watching love in action. Inspired by loving Jesus first!

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