it’s a little bit funny


After 18 weeks of chemo with no serious complications, no hospitalizations, no infections even though my white count has at times been virtually zero, now that I am through with chemo, I have developed a staph infection.  And of course, since I just had chemo less than two weeks ago, my white count is down very low and still dropping, so I have nothing to fight it with.  I’m on an antibiotic, and I had to get the Neupogen shots after all (I was really happy to be done with them, but it was not to be.)

My doctor is on vacation this week, so I had to see the nurse practitioner.  When she said we would do the Neupogen, I protested.  “No!  Dr. Geetha said I didn’t have to”, like a little kid.  I heard myself and knew I sounded ridiculous as I said it, but it was a reflex.  I didn’t want those shots (well, I didn’t want the side effects.  I could care less about the shots themselves) and I had been told I didn’t have to have them.  But she explained to me that I had nothing to fight this infection with (which I knew), and it could spread (which I kind of knew) and turn into cellulitis (which I didn’t know).

She also informed me that if it did spread and turn into cellulitis I would have to be hospitalized, which I definitely don’t want to have happen, and if it got into my bloodstream it could kill me.  Now wouldn’t that be funny – to beat cancer and die from a sore toe.  Obviously we are taking care of it so that won’t happen, but how crazy.

I’ll say this – it hurts like a son of a gun.  Even Vicodin isn’t helping.  It’s made me think more than once today about what the Bible says about the body of Christ, and how we are all parts of the body.  I almost never think about my big toe, but I really need it to be healthy and doing its job.  I can’t walk right, I can’t stand comfortably, and even when I’m sitting or lying down, it still is constantly throbbing.  We- the body of Christ- need each other, even, especially, the “insignificant” ones.  The big toes.  If you’ve ever been part of a church with a few infected toes or fingers or ears, you know what I mean.  Nothing works right, nothing feels healthy.  We need to give more care, more attention, more help to the hurting members so that we as a body are whole and healthy.

Our bodies have many parts, but these parts don’t all do the same thing. In the same way, even though we are many individuals, Christ makes us one body and individuals who are connected to each other.  Romans 12:4-5

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