Just a quick update – I’m on my second round of antibiotics.  I finished the first one and although the toe is somewhat better, it is far from well.  Today is the first day on the new antibiotic and my fever is back.  If it continues tomorrow I might call the Center, although if it doesn’t go very high I’ll just wait for Friday when I have an appointment to see my doctor anyway.  I’d really rather work with her than the nurse practitioner.  No disrespect to the NP, but I love and trust my doctor and want her to have a look at this.

I should get the results of the scans on Friday as well, although I expect them to be the same as the last ones (all good.)  I am curious about the little spots they found on the lungs before.  My doctor was pretty sure they were meaningless, leftover from some respiratory infection.  I’m hopeful that this scan shows them either gone or significantly smaller, although they were very tiny in the first place.

I also seem to be developing some sort of cold or virus or something – my nose is running (more than the usual “no nose hairs so I have to blow my nose all the time” running) and I have an annoying cough.  The lack of white cells to fight stuff off with is showing.  (My old English teachers would flunk me for that sentence.)

So, once again and as always, it is in God’s hands.  Nothing happens in my life that is not for his purposes, to help make me the person he wants me to be, to help me learn to depend on him or to release control.  Control is a hard one for me.  I have to learn it over and over.  One more time, I let go, I put it all in his hands…


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