My scans were perfect!  No lymph nodes, no tumor (it’s GONE!!!), no little mysterious spots on my lungs, nothing.  My doctor’s words were “You don’t have cancer anymore!”  In fact she doesn’t even want to scan me for six months!

WOO HOO!!!!!

4 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH

  1. Patti Kies

    Such WONDERFUL news!!!! YEAH!!!! AND HOORAY!!!!
    We will celebrate when you come to Illinois—do you need
    a “bed and breakfast”? Mine is available. Love you, Patti

    • I am riding with a wonderful friend, so I won’t have a vehicle. I’ll be staying with mom and dad and making them run me around. (poor mom and dad) But thanks! I will miss my favorite “B&B” for sure. Hopefully I won’t miss seeing you!

  2. Ronnie Gatley

    The world will be a better place now that we all know God has decided to keep you here on earth with us a little bit longer. God is Good.

  3. viv christopherson

    Congratulations!!! Another prayer answered! Now we’ll just keep praying for your TOE – Celebrate celebrate!
    Love Ya Viv

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