going home


Friday, June 3, my daughter Courtney is graduating from high school.  I’m very proud and excited.  Sadly, I’m also going to have to travel several hundred miles to attend this momentous event.  This shouldn’t be, but it is.  Every day I feel how wrong it is to be a mom whose child is living somewhere else, but, as my husband says, it is what it is.  It also is something that breaks my heart if I let it.  If I let myself dwell on it, it can really send me down,  so I try not to.

But tomorrow, I head back home.  To see Courtney graduate, to see my son and grandkids, to see Mom and Dad and all my sibs.  For the first time since Christmas, when I had to tell everyone about my cancer, I can go home.  I can go home healthy, and cancer-free!  I can’t wait to give out a whole gigantic pile of hugs.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I have one of the best families in existence.  I have been so blessed, and I am just counting the hours till I can be with them again.  And I’m way under 24.

3 thoughts on “going home

  1. I relate to your uncomfortable feeling of having your daughter live away from you. It brought back memories of traveling to Topeka, Kansas for my son’s high school graduation. I foolishly gave up joint custody of him, only to have my husband move away from Omaha in spite of our divorce decree stipulating neither one of us could do this. It is so unnatural for a mother to live apart from a child who is still so young.

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