The last time anybody left me a comment was 11 days ago.  And that was my mom.  I’m just sayin.

If you’re there and you’re reading, let me know.  I need the interaction.  It helps.  Comment about anything.  You don’t have to tell me how great I am or anything like that- just say hi, or what you thought about something I said, or even argue with me.  Actually I love a good debate.

Hi mom.



11 thoughts on “HEY – ANYBODY THERE?

  1. Lisa

    I LOVE reading your blogs when I get a chance… I usually read several at a time since we don’t have internet in our town. 🙂 Thanks for the boost, Kim! I wish we could have you & Sam over… you’re welcome to visit, of course, but it’s a little bit far. Lots of love, Lisa

  2. grace haas

    Hey! Love the “Hi”s from you guys! I look forward to reading every blog, and thankfully say this is MY daughter!”. But, like others, I enjoy reading much more than writing, and also enjoy hearing your voice rather than Facebook comments or whatever, but love any contact from you and the rest of our family.

    We are getting ready to paint the house (outside), so your Dad worked all day flushing the gutters, taking off the downspouts and doing some needed repairs to the siding. Tomorrow we plan to wash the siding down real well so we can get the painting started while we have reasonable temps and no rain (do you think that is possible, or just wishful thinking?) Kate is coming for a play date Wednesday and is staying overnight – looking forward to that.

    How long do you think the chemo-related pain will be around? Can you take anything to ease it, now that you know what it is? That would be good . . . .

    Time to find something for dinner –

    Love you so much – Mom

  3. Ronnie Gatley

    Always read your blog, facebook and Sam’s. We all care about what is on your mind and in your heart. You are a women of many words and express them much better then most of us can. As far as arguing with you, you would win hands down! I run away from disagreements. Makes me uneasy. You must have been on the debating team in school. You seem to be able to really hold your own! Sounds like your feeling much better. Getting a very fiesty, aren’t we?! Nice to see. Take care of yourself. We need more people like you around.

  4. viv christopherson

    Hi Kim! I’m so glad you are doing better – I too read every post but am not very good with words & usually can’t think of anything pertinent to add. Had a great visit from your Mom & Dad even though a sad reason they came to MN. You’re always in my prayers – love you forever & back again!

  5. Joan Harder

    Hey there Kim, I too am also still here reading as you post. Missed seeing your beautiful face today in Community Group and of course missed seeing that wonderful husband of yours. Hope you were not sick! Keep up the good work as this is preparing you for your future! What ever that will be…….Love ya, Joan

  6. Patti Kies

    I’m still here—and reading every time I get on the computer–glad you didn’t get
    blown away in the storm the other night. Omaha even made the local news!!
    Max Armstrong was telling about the fans at some ballgame there that nearly
    got blown out of the stands. Glad you have a safe place to go hang out when
    the winds blow.
    Keep writing!! Love ya–Patti

  7. Nermin

    Haha I love the “Hi mom” at the end! FYI I read your blog every day but I never comment bc I have it fwd to my phone and I have to log in from my phone to leave one, and its a pain, and I see you everyday and sometimes we discuss your blog at work (which obviously is what we get paid to do at work lol) 🙂 But don’t worry bc you do have at least 2 people that really care about what you have to say (Hi Kimmie’s mom)

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