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This week Sam and I joined Weight Watchers.  I want to get rid of the weight I gained from the steroids during chemo, and Sam, being a type 2 diabetic, wants to control his eating in a healthy way.  Our good friends started Weight Watchers and it sounded good to us so we decided to join up.  (I’m sure this is how I should have been eating the whole time I had cancer, but better late than never.)

The first hurdle was deciding when to start.  We talked about it for about a week, (“Are we going to join?” “Yep” “Soon” “Yeah, soon”) and then picked Monday as a good starting day.  Since we were going to start eating skinny and healthy on Monday, we decided to go to our favorite restaurant Sunday night for one last calorie splurge, and it was fantastic.  However, when we went online on Monday, we found that the soonest we could attend a meeting (because of Sam’s work schedule) was Friday.

A couple of days later it was just gorgeous out, and Sam said, “Do you want to find somewhere cheap where we can eat outdoors and enjoy the evening?”  Sure I did – but I had a craving for burgers, which I very rarely get.  None of the burger places we knew of had outdoor seating, so we drove around and found Five Guys Burgers, which was new to us.   Oh, boy – the best burgers either of us ever had.  Hand made, good beef, fresh lettuce, everything just great.  Fries hand cut – they even have a chalkboard that tells you where that day’s potatoes come from.  So good!  And of course, the week we discover this Mecca of burgerhood we are going on Weight Watchers.  Ultimate irony.

So the next night, what do you think Sam says?  “Want to get Five Guys one more time before we go on the diet?”  I laughed, but I also said yes, yes I do!

By the time Friday rolled around, we had been having “one last” after another all week, and needed Weight Watchers much worse than we had on Monday.  We showed up for the 9 a.m. meeting (9 a.m. on my day off! I was supposed to be asleep!) and found a very well-attended gathering.  At least two dozen, maybe more, women – and Sam.  He was a good sport about being the only dude.

So, now it’s a new challenge, and hopefully a healthier lifestyle.  And occasionally still a Five Guys burger, because we can do that.  It’s one of the things I like about Weight Watchers.  Ask me in a couple of weeks how I’m doing. 🙂

2 thoughts on “weight watching

  1. Cheri

    We love! Love! LOVE! 5 Guys! Yes, AMAZING burgers, and the seasoned fries…. And I’m pretty sure that because they’re hand made, once or twice a day would be okay for Weight Watchers, right Kim??

    Used to only be in Chicago, but Naperville and Geneva now have them. Dangerous, I know.

    Glad you’re enjoying the season, and keep up the good work!

    Love you!

    • The nice thing about WW is we can have anything we want – in reasonable amounts, in reasonable frequency. So yes, we can have 5 guys. Not 3 times a week, but once in a while. Like last Sunday 🙂

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