hair today


I’ve taken the plunge.  I’ve decided it’s time to go natural hair.  I’m done with the wig, and the hats and the scarves.  My hair is very short, but it’s my hair.

  Honestly, what is it I’m hiding under the hats and scarves?  There’s nothing shameful or embarrassing about the fact that I lost my hair.  I had cancer.  I had chemo.  It happens.  In fact, it seems like it happens pretty often.  I keep meeting people who have or have had cancer.  So what am I hiding?

Last night Sam and I were having a burger at 5 guys (love you Weight Watchers!) and a woman came up to me.  She was very apologetic for bothering me, but asked if I had been through chemo.  It turned out that she had just been diagnosed with cancer and would be starting chemo soon.  I was so glad that I had been out with my hair, not a wig, so that I was there for her to come up and talk to.  She said she was looking at me wondering “Will that be me soon?” and I said, “Yes, it probably will, but you know… it’s only hair.”

We only talked for a few minutes and there’s so much more I wish I had told her.  I wish I had said that she will learn that she is much stronger than she knows, and that her friends and family will have opportunities to show their love and support that will mean the world to her.  I wish I had said that it’s hard but it’s not impossible, and that there is hope and joy throughout the journey.  I wish I had said that there are days that the body feels pretty bad but there are also good days, and throughout, it is possible to keep the heart uplifted and the spirit positive.  I wish most of all that I said that God will hold her hand if she asks him, that he loves her more than she can imagine, and that when we are weakest, that is when his strength is strongest for us.

And I wish I had said that we are beautiful, with or without our hair.  Alive is beautiful.

But he replied, “My kindness is all you need. My power is strongest when you are weak.” So if Christ keeps giving me his power, I will gladly brag about how weak I am.  2 Corinthians 12:9  

I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand and say to you, ‘Don’t be afraid; I will help you.’  Isaiah 41:13


12 thoughts on “hair today

  1. Jeannie

    Hey Kimmie, Love the ‘do. You are beautiful no matter what. I’m so glad you are better. Will continue to pray for your daughter. Hey werent’ you guys gonna move out west or something a while back.? What happened with all that.? I started reading your blogs backwards cuz i haven’t been on much lately, so i haven’t read them all. Don’t forget you can e mail me, too.
    love ya

    • The San Diego deal fell apart a few months ago, right after Sam lost his job. Things got kinda crazy for a while but it was all part of the journey and God has been faithful. Everything has been part of us growing closer to him and learning to let go of the control… which isn’t to say that there aren’t days when I look out the window and think “San Diego…. I was supposed to be in San Diego”. But it’s all in his hands and we are just following.

      Trying to read backwards will make you dizzy! Just use the calendar on the side to pick a day about when you stopped, and go forward… Thanks for the compliment BTW. I still can’t wait for actual hair, longer than 1/2″.

  2. Patti Kies

    I like the new look!! You may decide to keep it short–I’ll bet it doesn’t take long to get ready in the morning!! And you will never have a “bad hair day” with that length—-love you!! Patti

  3. jean

    This was really lovely,to read.Even though I’m not the one with cancer (my husband is) your comments really touched me. Well done you for having the confidence to go wigless.

    • Jean, my last email reply to you bounced back twice… it says you don’t have that email address. Did you close your yahoo box? If you have another email address let me know.

  4. Joan

    Congratulations my friend. You look “Marvelous” and beautiful! And so now starts your new journey sharing all your wise words with those who need to hear from God through you! You go girl! I like the red tint you have! Missed you Sunday hope to see you next week if not before.

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