women of faith – part 2


Go to a Women of Faith weekend.  Go if you’re a young mother, single career woman, grandma of ten.  Go if you’re a man (they let you volunteer and help – you’ll be blessed, really).  Go if you are a woman of faith, or if you are a woman of questions and doubt.   Go if you are searching.  Go if you are hungry.  Go if you think you are utterly uninterested.   Wherever you are, there will be one within a few hours of you sometime in the coming year.  Google it.  Make reservations.  Get a group of friends.  It is worth the trip, worth the time, worth the money.  Go.

There is nothing quite like it.  The worship music is like layers of sweetness wrapping around your heart – like a double chocolate torte for the soul.  The entertainment pulls you right out of your seat and onto your feet.  I was dancing to Mandisa (what joint pain?), singing along with Amy Grant, and simply awed by Sandi Patty.  (When  Amy Grant did “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” as an encore, she waved Sandi Patty up on stage  to do some ad libs with her at the end, which was the first time  Amy and Sandi ever sang together.  And we saw it!!)

The speakers are brilliant and wise and interesting, but better than that, they are real.  They don’t talk about what you should know or do, or what this great Bible character did, or give a three-point sermon.  They share the stories of their own lives, their struggles and failures.  Not just big dramatic ones that make impressive testimonies, but the real ones we can relate to, the ones about arguing with husbands and getting attitudes with people, and making snap judgments.

But the best thing, the very best thing, is that every single one of the speakers is funny.  I don’t mean “make sure to work three jokes into your speech” funny.  I mean “by the time you leave you’re exhausted from laughing so much” funny.  You feel like these women are your friends and you’re going to miss them.  You want to take them home and introduce them to your family and friends, who would love them just as much as you do. I want Patsy Clairmont to be my aunt.  And I have some pretty terrific aunts already.  But she would be such a cool addition to the family!  Dominoes would never be the same.

I loved this weekend.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Wanda and Joan.  Thank you Women of Faith.   I learned so much.

And as I learned from Patsy  – I’m not weird, I’m a special edition.

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