i hate my computer


It’s 1:35 a.m.  i just wrote an entire blog, and my computer ate it.  On a fairly regular basis it eats sentences, or even paragraphs.  It has this weird thing it does where it suddenly highlights and deletes stuff without any warning or being told to.  But this time it deleted the entire blog.  And the second after it did that, it did an auto save, so I couldn’t even retrieve it from the draft.

I’m tired and really frustrated.  So I’m going to bed.  I’ll try to re-write it tomorrow.  Or I’ll write about something else.  Sorry….

3 thoughts on “i hate my computer

  1. Michelle

    And have you noticed that it’s always the most introspective, witty, intelligent, funny things ever to make their way from your brain, through your fingers on onto the screen, by way of the keyboard?

    Maybe try Ctrl-Z? It seems to work sometimes. It’s like an “undo”. And it’s not fool-proof. But sometimes.


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