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I’m crossing my fingers that this works, because WordPress has been hinky for the past 12 hours or so.  I have tried (once again) to change the look of my blog – yes, I admit, I get bored easily – and what you see is definitely not what I tried to get.  However, the frustration factor got to me and I stopped here.  Hopefully soon it will look better.  Or different, better being subjective in the eyes of the blogger.

That being said, on to the subject of the day.  Michelle!  Sam’s daughter Michelle arrives today for a week-long visit.  Excitement reigns in our little apartment.  Sam, although he makes trips to Philadelphia to see his kids s he is able, doesn’t see them with the frequency he did when they were young, now that they are 20 and 21.  I have not seen Michelle for three years, which is way too long, so I’ve been counting days.  Not to mention scrubbing the bathroom, changing sheets, vacuuming, dusting, fussing over what goes where… Sam says the house is fine and she will be very happy just to be here, but the mom in me wants everything just so.

One of the best things about a second marriage was the two children that came with it.  (For me that is, I know for some people the blended family is one of the hardest parts.)  Michelle and Bryan were sweet, smart, great kids who have grown up into adults I like and love and am really proud to call my stepkids.  Actually I don’t really like the “step” thing, but they have a mom, and I respect that.  I just don’t like how “stepkids” sounds – it’s kind of distancing, like, “these aren’t my real kids”.

One of the worst things about a second marriage is also the kids.  Well, not the second marriage so much as the aftermath of the divorce.  And not the kids themselves, but the pain that they go through.  Divorce is so prevalent – even I’m divorced and I NEVER thought that was a possibility.  But no matter how common it is, how hard anyone tried to keep it from happening, or how justified it was (or wasn’t), for the kids it’s the defining crisis of their lives, and one that never ends.  At Women of Faith there was a one-woman drama depicting a girl whose parents had divorced and remarried.  She had a line that was very poignant, “Everyone else’s lives are whole and happy and I still feel torn down the middle.”  I hate that my kids and my stepkids will have to deal with that for the rest of their lives.  It does seem so unfair that the adults get to put their lives back together but the kids who had no voice get the worst of it.

But, today is a happy day.  A very happy day.  It’s Michelle day!!  And I can not wait to see her.  🙂

4 thoughts on “michelle day

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  1. grace haas

    Happy Michelle Day!!! 🙂 I know you are going to have a wonderful week with Michelle, and I am so glad we are going to get in on a few hours of your time together! Can’t wait for Thursday . . .

  2. UPDATE – I was successful in making the changes I wanted so (for now) this is the new face of my blog. Close your eyes, sit back in one of the colorful beach chairs and take a little mental vacation… hear the ocean waves, feel the soft breeze, smell the tropical flowers… aaaahhhh…

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