birthday boys


I’m a grandmother.  It’s still kind of weird to say, even eight years later.  I love, love, LOVE my grandkids… (Micah and Jonah, 8 and Jeremiah, 5) but the word “grandma” doesn’t gel with my self-image.  Grandma to me is my grandmother – a white-haired, soft-skinned, older lady who wore loose dresses  and flat shoes, and worked in the garden and baked every day.  She was sweet, quiet and very hard-working, but I wouldn’t have described her as youthful or vibrant or passionate, or several of the other adjectives I hope apply to me.

Be that as it may, I am blessed beyond measure to have three beautiful grandsons, two of whom turned eight today (technically yesterday since it’s past midnight as I type.)  They are truly brilliant, but I’m not going to do the grandma thing and brag.  They’re also creative and funny and kind and caring.  They are the people who make my heart feel like pudding and make my face incapable of doing anything but smiling.  Now I understand all the cliches about grandparents spoiling kids – something about grandkids takes the ability to say “no” right out of you.  Nothing matters but seeing them light up with happiness.

One of the most difficult things I have had to deal with in my life is living several hundred miles from my family for the last five years.  It has been a growing experience for me in many ways, but certainly not one I would have chosen, and one that has cost me very dearly.  Seeing my grandsons grow up so much between my visits and knowing how much I was missing has been excruciatingly painful.  Thank God for the internet, where pictures are so readily available, and my son keeps a Twitter account for the sole purpose of posting the amazing and funny things the boys say.

A few of my favorites:

“This is the lowest form of entertainment I have ever experienced.” Micah, 7, in regards to his brother’s singing.

“God has one of the most perfect voices I know.” – Jonah. “Oh! And Martin Luther King!” – Micah

Micah: “Mom? Mom? Mom? Could you pause your book and focus? I think an earwig has crawled into my brain”… (A few minutes later) “Why are you not taking care of this? Don’t you care that I might die? WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING? This is a serious earwig problem!”… (A few minutes later) That’s it. I’m going to die. I’m going to go watch a movie until it happens. I’ll let you know when the earwig kills me.”

Neither of those bunnies have a uterus. That relationship is not going to work out. -Micah

Micah: “Dad, your armpits smell good. It’s a good, manly smell.”

Jonah, at Petco: “Hey, mom & dad. I was thinking we should really buy a turtle. Because I already named a turtle.”

Micah, trying out his best lines on cute new girl, “Hey! Do you want to hear Einstein’s theory of relativity?!” #pickuplinesforgeniuskids

Jonah: “You know when you laugh so hard you get peeish?” Micah: “What the heck is peeish?” Jonah: “You know… like Irish??”

“Dad, I have a hypophesis…” – Jeremiah, 5

“Haha! This music is hilarious.” – Jonah, 7 in response to the soft rock of 70’s era Rod Stewart.

“Sighhhh… I’m never going to get my drivers license.” – Jeremiah, 5

Happy birthday to the ones who have brought me and many others so very much happiness.  Micah and Jonah, you are honestly the coolest 8-year-olds I know.


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