hair update


I was thinking it’s about time for a hair update, so maybe it would be fun to do a hair timeline.

me with my "before" hair

This is me pre-chemo.  Normal old curly hair.

mom and me - pre-chemo hair

(Yes, it’s naturally curly.  Everybody asks that.)

This is a couple of weeks into chemo.

hair falling out

first big handful of hair

There’s that day when all of a sudden, it starts to fall out.  A lot.    I will never forget the feeling of looking in the bathroom mirror pulling handful after handful of hair out of my head, and it just not stopping.

It’s surreal.


buzz cut

Instead of letting it keep falling and looking like a dog with mange, we did the buzz cut.  And for fun along the way, we did a mohawk.  I thought it was pretty cool, but it would have fallen out too, so we buzzed it off.

Of course there was a wig that came along with the new look,

the wig - right color, but where are the curls??

but a lot of the time I just preferred a scarf as it was much easier and more comfortable.

Eventually the buzz gave way to the total Telly Savalas look

bald is beautiful, baby

(if you’re younger than me, think Howie Mandel.)  Definitely the easiest style to maintain ever.  Washcloth – swipe – done.

Once chemo was over, it took several weeks but I started seeing some fuzz.  After a few months I had enough

barely hair

hair to look like I had an extremely short haircut so I put the wig away and went with it.

Now it’s grown out enough that it’s starting to curl again.  I put a little gel in it to keep it from getting all “fluffy” but otherwise, this is the natural look.

little bits of curls again!

I haven’t cut it at all, I’m just really blessed that it’s growing out into something that looks kind of like a deliberate style.  People ask me if I’m going to keep it short.  Let me answer that.  NO.  I miss my curls, and Sam does too.  I’m growing them just as fast as they will grow.  Someday I’ll look like this again, I hope.  this is me.


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