friend of sinners


Yesterday I heard a new song for the first time.  Now, I’m a lover of lyrics.  A song – even a  beautiful melody – with predictable lyrics and easy rhymes doesn’t have a very good chance of grabbing my interest.  Which is one of the reasons I love Casting Crowns. They have consistently written songs that are deep, meaningful and honest, going far beyond the “God makes me so happy” style of song that, I admit, tends to bore me a bit.

But this song – even for Casting Crowns, was amazing.  This song, within the three minute confines of melody, harmony, rhythm, meter, tempo and dynamics, said so many things that were important.  Things about how what we as Christians are doing affects whether the world is even able to hear the gospel.  Things about how so much of what we seem to think is the work of God is kind of the opposite of what the Bible says.  Things I’ve thought so often and tried to say sometimes but never this well or this clearly.  And other things I needed to hear about myself and probably didn’t want to hear all that clearly, but God knew I needed anyway.

As my very wise husband said, “Anybody who can’t find something in that song that speaks to them, isn’t listening.”

Please go to this link and listen to Jesus, Friend of Sinners.  The lyrics are there as well.  You will be touched and moved.

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