thankful part deux


Continuing meandering through things I am thankful for, the first item I land upon is pizza.  Seriously, what would life be without pizza?  Moms everywhere would be without a staple to call on when they really don’t want to cook.  Students wouldn’t be able to study for exams.  Late night cravings would be satisfied by… hot dogs?  Burgers?  And I wouldn’t have had a great pizza lunch with the girls from the office today.

From pizza I am drawn inexorably to Coke.  The sweetness, the intoxicating bubbles popping in my mouth, the caffeine that helps me stay awake during the mid-afternoon slump… I am not only thankful, but admittedly addicted.  (And would undoubtedly be doing better with my Weight Watchers if I wasn’t, but that’s another subject altogether.)  Interestingly (or not, it’s up to you) I was a total Pepsi addict who eschewed Coke up until chemotherapy.  Now I find Pepsi much too sweet and definitely prefer Coke.  I wonder what chemo did to change my taste preference.

I am thankful for this computer sitting on my lap.  All the amazing things I can do with it.  I can blog!  I can email.  I can tweet – and even better, I can see other people’s tweets.  My son tweets all the cute, funny or brilliant things my grandsons say.  It really helps with the whole “being 500 miles away” thing.  I can see pictures of said grandsons and my daughter.  I can book tickets to go visit same said son, grandsons and daughter.  (By the way, did you know that there is now a bus between Omaha and Chicago?  The tickets vary – but I’m going in December for the amazing price of $13 – round trip!!)  I can shop for Christmas gifts.  I can Pinterest.  If you don’t know about Pinterest – go there.  It’s the coolest thing.

I’m thankful that I have a place to go on Thanksgiving.  Our best friends Marty and Mike are hosting Thanksgiving and I will get to eat turkey and stuffing and all the goodies, and hopefully not get too lonely for my family, whom I’m thankful I’ll see at Christmas.

Tomorrow I expect that I will be able to blog how thankful I am that my scans came back negative and I’m still cancer-free.  I’m incredibly thankful that there is technology that can look inside my body and see if there is cancer there or not without opening me up!

I’m thankful for all of you who read my blog and write comments and encourage me.  Let me know what you’re thankful for.  I’d love to hear it.


2 thoughts on “thankful part deux

  1. viv christopherson

    I’m SO thankful that you got a GREAT report on your 6 mo check!! You’re still in my prayers. I’m thankful that you can make the trip to see yor family, give your Mom a hug for me, I’m thankful for ALL my siblings & their families & hoping you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. nunu

    First and foremost, I am grateful for my mommy who is sitting here watching tv with me. I am thankful for my sister who is next to us doing homework and stuffing her face with chocolate. I am very thankful or my great job and the two strong, sexy, smart women I work with and lean on for support and advice, almost daily. I am thankful for my healthy body, even tho I often neglect it, or don’t feed it or treat it right. Smallah. Just a few of the things that POP into my head at the moment. I am thankful for you Kimmie and i love you. MUAH.

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