thankful or giving thanks?


I’ve been posting on things I’m thankful for – and first off today I need to say that I am very thankful for a good report from my oncologist.  My six month scans (it doesn’t seem possible it’s been that long) show no recurrence of cancer.  Everything is looking good and she says I don’t need another scan for a year.  I am so very thankful for that news and also for the amazing doctor I had, the fantastic Cancer Center staff and the state of medicine today, that a cure existed for the type of cancer I had.  For that matter, that a test existed to find it in the first place.  All of that is pretty miraculous to me.  Yesterday, my son’s close friend lost his mother to cancer.  My heart hurts for him, and I can’t help but think that it could have been me had anything been slightly different.  If we had not caught it as soon as we did.  If it had been a different type.  If I had been in the small percentage that was not responsive to R-CHOP chemo.  So I am truly, deeply thankful.

I am also thankful for a wonderful opportunity God opened in my life yesterday.  I was invited to come into the home of a friend and start a Bible study for their family.  I was touched and amazed that the entire family was so involved.  Teenagers, arranging their schedules to be available because they wanted to be there, interested and full of questions.  I felt humbled and truly blessed by being there.  They are excited to continue and want to learn more and I am really thankful to the Lord for their beautiful hearts.

But as I was thinking about writing another blog about what I was thankful for, the thought came to me –   I could sit here all afternoon listing things I’m thankful for – there are hundreds and hundreds – from the warm room I’m in while the cold wind blows outside to the phone call I had with my daughter this morning to the unimaginable gift of eternal life.  But if I just recognize them – “yep, I’m thankful for these things, all righty” – and go on with my life, it doesn’t change much.  If I’m thankful, who is it that I am thankful to?  I need to actually give thanks.  I need to take the time (and not just this week because there’s a holiday with turkey and gravy and sweet potato casserole and… oh, someone stop me…) to talk to God and tell him how much I appreciate everything he gives me.   That is the true meaning of Thanks-giving.  When I understand that I don’t have these things because I deserve them, they are gifts, and I am grateful – and I say so.

Every generous act and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights; with Him there is no variation or shadow cast by turning.  James 1:17

I thank you from my heart, and I will never stop singing your praises, my LORD and my God.  Psalm 30:12

The LORD is my God!  I will praise him and tell him how thankful I am.  Tell the LORD how thankful you are, because he is kind and always merciful. Psalm 118:28-29

2 thoughts on “thankful or giving thanks?

  1. jean shaw

    That’s such good news about your scan results-God is good. Steve has more or less been given the all clear (he has a scan in December) so we are thankful for that. I have forwarded details of your blog to my aunt (who has been diagnosed with her 2nd brain tumour in 2 years-her 5th cancer diagnosis in her life) as I feel she would really benefit from reading it. X

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