knock knock knock…Penny…


Ok, either you got that (meaning you watch The Big Bang Theory) or you didn’t.  If you didn’t, check out The Big Bang Theory.  It’s still pretty funny, but honestly was at its funniest in its first 3 seasons.

That aside, why am I knocking?  Because I’m sick (still) and bored (ADD) and I come here to look for new comments and there aren’t any.  😦    (sad face)  So I’m knocking from my side of the screen to yours to say, hey, write something to me.  I don’t care what.  And really, REALLY, it doesn’t need to be “Oh, I love your blog and the stuff you write”.  Write me stuff about your life, or questions that something I wrote made you think of.  Or maybe something you’d like me to write about sometime.  Or jokes.  Or what you had for breakfast if you can’t think of anything else!!

I know, Sam says I get whiny when I’m sick.  Sorry.  I’ll try to find a Big Bang rerun to cheer myself up.

12 thoughts on “knock knock knock…Penny…

    • oh, no… it’s happening to you too – it gets us all eventually. the “work and life” crowding the really important stuff out of your brain. you would never otherwise have forgotten lefse. have some coffee and enjoy~

  1. Pat Kies

    I don’t remember what I had for breakfast–or if I had time to eat!! I have spent today with my 3 youngest grandkids, and had so much fun all day–Amanda needed a babysitter for Micah because of a daycare that thinks it is ok to close for a week between Christmas and New Year’s. Anyway, she came out to Woodstock and picked up Connor, Faith and me late last night after I got off work at 10:30pm and took us back to Berwyn for a sleepover!! Micah is so much fun—he talks non-
    stop and we even pick up a real word here and there, and runs everywhere, also
    nonstop!! We played with Micah’s new train–(-thanks Great Uncle Ron!!)–played Twister and Battleships (Uncle Mike has a GREAT attic!!!)
    I know you had a fun time with your 3 “Grands” at Christmas time–wish I would have been able to get to see you, but I know how hectic your stay was—-maybe next time!! Love you—

    • I wanted to see you too, that was one of the first things I asked Mom. But you’re probably glad it didn’t work out, since you didn’t get exposed to my germs. I’m so glad you have a new little one with all the other grands getting so big. And I think it’s pretty thoughtless of that daycare, but on the other hand, they sure did you a favor 🙂

  2. vivian christopherson

    So here’s my day today: Shari, AJ & Tim came over as Shari’s washing machine (less than 5 years old) had died just before Christmas & Sears said because of the Holidays they couldn’t come until next Wed!#%##*! With 2 little boys there is lots of laundry. Shari did laundry & worked from her laptop. AJ built wierd creatures with Legos, Tim went outside & climbed trees,played in my snow patch that is about 4 inches deep & 3×4 feet! After lunch Tim & I went for a walk, I live next to a trail called the Luce line as it was originally a railway. We walke to the bridge that crosses Gleason lake & of course Tim had to go down & check out the ice & throw rocks on it to see if he could make a hole in the ice. We had in interesting walk with Tim walking on every fallen tree including one that had come to rest partly on another tree so the trunk angled up to about 4 feet off the ground. The boys decided they would like to stay overnight, since there was a pile of clean clothes that worked out. We had casedillas for dinner & while I cleaned up the kitchen the boys played Connect 4 until the game got a bit too rowdy. I had some cute animal pictures on my computer so we looked at those & then I taught them how to play solitare on the computer. They caught on so quickly & really enjoyed it. Then it was bath time, 2 books to read & into bed. I felt like I had run a marathon! But it was really a fun day & now off to bed as they want pancakes with chocolate chips for breakfast.

    • That sounds like so much fun! I wish I could have the boys come visit… at least I think I do. They wear me out 🙂 Now, I think I might go make some chocolate chip pancakes. I have a sudden craving…

  3. Jean S

    Hi Kim, sorry you’re feeling ignored by your readers. I just want to say I love reading your blog-you’ve a gift for writing. Here’s a question for you relating to fibromyalgia- do you find your memory gets worse in the winter? Thanks Jean S

    • Well, I find that my memory is worse when my fibro is worse, and my fibro tends to get worse in winter. So, yes, that would probably tend to be true, but if I have a flareup in another time of year it also affects my memory as well. It makes it hard to think clearly and remember much of anything. I have even been known to get lost between home and work or church when I’ve been in a flareup.

      Thanks for writing! I’m not really feeling ignored, just looking for some new input. I get restless when I’m sick.

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