help wanted on my new book


I need a bit of help doing some preparation for making this blog into a book.  If I continue doing it myself the way I have been, it will be months before I’m ready to do the creative part.  If I get a few people to each take a bit, it could be done pretty easily.

What I need done is fairly easy and totally foolproof (if you make a mistake, you can’t mess anything up permanently).  It’s just a little tedious, but you can do it with music on, or a book on tape, or a TV in the background, etc.   If you don’t have ADD, maybe you won’t even find it tedious.  I sometimes have a hard time telling what normal people find un-tedious.  Or not boring. For me, more than 15 seconds without something to occupy my mind is unbearable boredom.  But I’m wandering off the subject…

If you are interested in helping (or think you might be interested and just want more info, no guilt if you say no, I promise!), email me at  and I will email you with more specifics.  Many thanks in advance!

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