no coincidences


Today I started a new job.  It’s hard to explain why; I was very happy at my previous job.  In fact it was a pretty cushy deal.  I went to work at 11 am, lived across the street from the office, had the world’s most laid-back boss, really enjoyed the people in my office,  and could virtually get any time off I asked for.  So why did I give that up?

I was asking myself that same question at 7:30 this morning, believe me.  In my “cushy” job I was administrative assistant for an attorney, who office-shared with another attorney.  The second attorney, needing more space and wanting to expand his business, moved into his own office and asked if I would consider coming with him.  That was a couple of weeks ago, and at that time, after we both thought it over, we agreed that it wasn’t the right idea.

However, two weeks later, after the new office had a… let’s just say challenging… experience with a receptionist who lasted 12 days, we talked again, and this time, for some reason I felt like it was time to say yes.

I’m still not entirely sure of all the reasons why.  I know this.  I pray every day to stay in the center of God’s will, and I don’t always have to understand it.  I also know that I will be working with people I love and really enjoy, doing interesting, challenging work.  I believe strongly that had I said yes two weeks ago and the challenge of the receptionist never occurred, two of my friends would have missed a chance to grow in their understanding and trust in one another.  (Sorry, no further details.  Just, sometimes a difficult situation brings about an unforeseen good result.)

But one thing happened today that reminded me that God’s timing is always right and always for a reason.  About mid-morning the second lawyer in the firm, whom I just met today, walked out to my desk and said, “I’m kind of distracted today.  My good friend just told me that the doctors think her husband has cancer.”  I asked her what kind, and she replied “Lymphoma.”

I smiled at her and told her that in 5 days it will be one year to the day since my last chemo treatment for lymphoma, and I am perfectly healthy.  That the diagnosis doesn’t have to be a tragedy, and that I saw many people come through the other side.  We talked for a while and I said “I don’t think it’s an accident that I’m here today, I think this is God’s timing” and she agreed.  She told me she got goosebumps when I said I had just recovered from lymphoma.  I gave her the link for this blog and asked her to tell the family I will be praying.

Oh, and by the way – her friend’s name is Kim.  Just a coincidence 🙂

3 thoughts on “no coincidences

  1. creative pixie

    This is a great post, it just goes to show that we have not idea what God has planned for us and that EVERYTHING is in his plan. Anyway I hope your new job is going well and that you had a lovely Easter. Jean

  2. nunu

    This is such a touching story. Your conversation with Michelle today about the lump and pain in her friends neck convinced me to go to the Dr and finally get the lump in my neck checked also. I’m going tom after work.

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