writer’s block or some such


Hi guys (and girls and men and women and whatever else is correct to say.)  I am truly sorry for neglecting my blog for so long.  Truthfully I just haven’t been able to write anything worthwhile.  I would have an idea but not be able to get anything onto the page (or screen, to be precise.)  I don’t know why.

I have a good friend with whom I have a lot of spiritual discussions, and sometimes I have thoughts that I want to make into a blog but then I get tangled up in trying to say what I’m thinking about without sounding like I’m trying to preach at this single individual, which is not at all what I’m doing or intending, but when I start writing, I realize that what I’m saying might sound that way to her.

To be perfectly honest, right now my heart is aching for a few people that I love that either don’t know the Lord or aren’t following him like they once did.  I would give anything for the ability to say the right words, live the great example, write the perfect sentence that would open their hearts and help them see what joy they are missing.  I watch people go through life frustrated, afraid, cynical, angry, desperate to be in control, searching for meaning, searching for escape – and I want so badly to open some window into their souls into which I could just put one tiny drop of the peace that I finally found once I let go of trying to control everything and decided that God really was God and if he could run the universe, I could trust him to run my life.

Some people think that if there is a devil, he goes around trying to create horrible evil – serial killers, child molesters, monstrous dictators and so on.  The thing is, the most important and successful works of satan are to make people believe that following Jesus is going to make their life boring, difficult and bereft of any pleasure.  Or that they need to fear God because he is always angry at them.  Or, that God is irrelevant to their lives.  Or, that we have to do a lot of good stuff to make God love us.   Satan doesn’t have to make people be evil – he just has to keep them from putting their faith in Jesus, because it is by faith alone we are saved.

This tiny bit of time is so small, and yet so many people are willing to ignore eternity and concentrate only on their few years here.  No one has any guarantees that they will make it to 70 or 80 years old.  Life could last for the next 10 minutes or the next 10 years or the next 50.  Whatever the future, it is so much better surrendered to Jesus.

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