losing the fire


This has been an emotional few days.  Friday night I arrived home from work, put my keys and purse down and realized I didn’t have my Kindle.  I take my Kindle Fire to work so I can read on my lunch break.  I love that sweet little piece of technology –  it holds infinite numbers of books because it’s Cloud-based, the screen is hi-def, I can watch movies and tv, surf the web, play music, download apps (yes, I have Angry Birds, but I’m terrible at it) – and it fits in my purse.  Well, usually it does, but recently JC Penney sent me a gift card for my birthday (yes, really they did, $15 off any purchase of $15!) and I found this adorable little tiny orange purse with flowers on it – so cute!  But no room for a Kindle.

cute little orange purse

(Now, as an aside, I want to make clear that I’m not one of those upscale types that just buys a Kindle and an iPad and whatever else on a whim – bless the lovin hearts of all of you who can.  I bought the Kindle with my Christmas bonus money and considered it my Christmas gift from the attorneys I worked for, so it was special to me on another level as well.)

So all weekend I had no Kindle.  I could read my books and Bibles on Kindle apps on my laptop or phone, but the phone is really small to read comfortably, and it’s hard to read the laptop in the tub.  I’m a big-time tub reader.  So I just missed my Kindle all weekend but figured I’d get it when I went back to the office on Monday.

As you’ve probably figured by now, that’s not what happened.  I got to the office – no Kindle.  I went back out and searched my car, just in case.  Nope.  Asked around the office.  No luck.  Called the building management company and left a message asking if the cleaners found it. No call back.  Searched the house that night just in case I never took it to work Friday.  Nada.

So, last night I was pretty upset.  I really loved that little device.  I felt stupid and careless and frustrated.  I knew it was my fault for leaving it behind.  And even worse, I started suspecting that instead of leaving it on my desk, I might have laid it down in the bathroom and left it on the counter.  Really dumb.  I was so bummed that Sam took me out for pizza to cheer me up.  Pizza’s always a good idea.

Today I checked with the other offices on our floor and found out that yes, someone had indeed seen it in the bathroom, and left it there thinking someone would come back for it.  More frustration (why didn’t they rescue it and wait for someone to claim it or put up a note??) and anger at myself for being so careless.

Then tonight, after work, I saw the cleaning woman in the bathroom.  I’ve worked in this building for about two months now, and this is the first time I have laid eyes on any of the cleaners.  I asked her if she had found it and Hallelujah!! she had.  She took it home for safekeeping and told her supervisor, and is bringing it tomorrow. I will once again have my Bibles and books and music and all the stuff I love.  I’m a little surprised how lost I felt without it, particularly since I have an entire wall of books,

My bookshelves

but I am super happy to know it’s coming home.


3 thoughts on “losing the fire

  1. vivian christopherson

    God bless the cleaning lady for being caring & honest. I’m sure cleaning bathrooms in offices is not the most rewarding type of job. I’m glad you will get it back!
    Love Ya Viv

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