this is me ranting


One of the benefits of having my own blog is the chance to say what I think, and occasionally that includes being really frustrated.  You may think this is totally silly, but to me it’s not.  I have this deep-seated thing about fairness and I get a little crazy when I think something is unfair.

Ok, what I’m upset about is America’s Got Talent.  I know, it’s just a TV show.  But it’s not like I’m having a fit over who didn’t get a rose on The Bachelor or whether some Real Housewife with big hair was nasty to someone with even bigger hair.  A) I don’t even watch that stuff and B) “Real” Housewives??  Who are they kidding?  I’ve been a housewife.  AGT is serious, this is for a million dollars and a life-changing career.

I realize they only have 45 slots to put people through to the live show and not everyone will make it.  I realize that some people’s favorites won’t go. I understand all of that.  But there was one young man, Andrew DeLeon, who looked like a goth, spoke like a gentleman, and sang like an angel.  (click here to watch – you won’t believe it. ) He had never sung in front of anyone, even his own parents, and in his audition he sang opera in a soprano range, perfectly, bringing the audience to their feet screaming and cheering.  He got put through to the second round of auditions where they perform for the judges only, and like many others, he got nervous and although he still sang with amazing natural talent, he stumbled slightly on his words.  He was sent home.

Yes, I was disappointed, but I would be all right (not really, I think talent like his deserves a chance, but I wouldn’t be this mad) – but here’s the list of who they kept instead of this ridiculously talented young man:  They did NOT send home a man with a very average voice who sings 70’s TV theme songs, or a man who “sings” (actually kind of howls) so badly that Sharon Osborne put her hands over her ears, or a group of young men whose entire talent lies in taking turns finding different ways to strike one member in the genitals, including with a bat, a sledgehammer and a bowling ball.

Now seriously.  What are they thinking?

I’m sure I get more upset by this than many people would because I am (well, was) a singer, used to be married to a singer, and am the mother of a singer.  I feel for talent that deserves a chance.  It makes me just plain mad when someone who is truly good gets pushed aside because “they aren’t a million dollar act” (but the guy who gets kicked in the you-know-whats is??)  I confess that when the dude who seriously can’t sing at all and made Sharon put her hands over her ears went through, I kind of lost it.  I declared I was done with the show (which I’m not, I will keep watching because I do like it and want to see how others I like do), and I admit I even said a word that caused my husband to rebuke me.

I have no spiritual tie-in at all, other than to admit that I didn’t react well to feeling like something unfair happened, which shows me an area of weakness in my own life that I need to address.  Thanks for listening.


3 thoughts on “this is me ranting

  1. And they actually put the men hitting the man in his privates through to the live show. I am furious. Still. I’m so glad YouTube is out there so his amazing voice can be heard.

  2. vivian christopherson

    I just watched this video 3 times, what a fantastic voice! I stopped watching that show when they had the nerve to say men hitting another man in his privates was talent. That is the dumbest & actually obscene display ever. To think that they voted Andrew DeLeon for ANY reason is totally unfair.

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