So, how have you been doing?


Great to be back, even though I didn’t really anticipate it.  We have a lot to catch up on, and I will be doing the movie-style flashback for a while, until we’re up to date.  Some of you know some, a few know all.

But right now, I  want to start in the present and go from there.  If anyone remembers my last p0st from 2011,  (yes, it’s really been that long),  I was planning to write a book based on this blog. And I did.  And I added to it.  I’m wondering if the reason that God hasn’t opened a door for it yet is because the story isn’t over.  Not by a long shot.

The short version – I promise to go deeper later – is that in November 2016 I was told for the third time that I was in remission, and that it looked like my oral chemo medication was all that was going to be needed to keep me there.  “Overjoyed” is way too bland of a word for how we felt.  We were ecstatic – Sam and I, my family, Sam’s family, our friends, our church…

Less than three weeks later, my amazing and wonderful husband Sam was seeing an orthopedic for a frozen shoulder.  Physical therapy was prescribed and an X-ray was taken.  The next day, Sam got a call from the doctor’s office. There were some shadows showing on the lungs in the X-rays. They wanted a CT scan, which showed suspicious nodules.  A lung biopsy was ordered.

After a much longer wait (that I was ok with, going on the theory that no news is good news), we had an answer.  Stage 4 lung cancer.  The doctor said it’s Stage  4 because it is in both lungs.  He said it isn’t curable, but it is treatable.  So we are going to treat it and trust God.

The really incredible thing is, it’s a glandular cancer that has nothing to do with smoking.  Sam was a smoker who quit 18 years ago, and here he is with lung cancer.  Of course, those of you who know his sense of humor won’t be surprised to know his response to learning that was “Oh, so I can start smoking again?”

So here we are, starting over again, again, again.  Sam just finished his second round of chemotherapy.  He has lost all his hair (including his beard and at this point, most of his eyebrows) and I sometimes fail to recognize him right away.

But how we got here is a whole story in itself.

One thought on “So, how have you been doing?

  1. The creative pixie

    Welcome back! I was so surprised to see this new post pop up on my inbox. Sorry to hear things haven’t been great for your husband health wise. Prayers for good health. Jean

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