Quick Little Update


Ok, just a couple of things for you to be praying for, if you would.

  1. My official date of admission to the hospital is now going to be Thursday, July 27, instead of Friday the 28th.  I know it’s not a big deal, but it’s changing, and I don’t want everybody waiting till Friday to pray for me!
  2. There will be three days (Monday-Wednesday, June 24-26) when I will be getting some type of infusion therapy that will act as a prophylactic to prevent the worst of the mouth sores.   I have been told that they are incredibly bad with this chemo.  I do, however, have incredible mouthwash from Melaleuca which saved me and a few other people from the sores from my first chemo, just wiped them right out, so I will be taking that as well.
  3. Please pray for my parents.  They are giving us so much – they were here several weeks ago for a long period and basically took over everything in the house, which was incredible – and now they have said they will come back again for my transplant.  Amazing, right?   The problem is, even though we got an admission date, it is very hard to predict when I will recover adequately.  It could be under two weeks, it could be over three.  And getting them a ticket home is not something that can be done at random.  My son Marky is getting married on August 26th.  Whether I can be there is pretty questionable, considering the scary condition my immune system will be in.  But my parents… they need to be there.  It would break my heart to stop them. So they need a ticket back on the morning of the 25th at the latest.  I’m praying.  I would appreciate your prayers as well.

Don’t worry about anything, instead, pray about everything.  Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.  Philippians 4/6


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