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Hi, I’m Kim.

I guess I’m a pretty average person. I work, go to church, love my husband and my family, like to read and love interior decorating – and I have recently recovered from lymphoma.  This blog started out about my journey through lymphoma, and my recovery.  However, I am picking it up again with much catching up to do, and including Sam’s story.

Central to everything is my decision to be intentional about taking God and his promises seriously, and how that affects the journey.

Basic stats:

Married to my very best friend, crazy in love, and happy, (“This is true love. Do you think this happens every day?”)

Wonderful kids (son, son’s  fiancee, daughter, stepdaughter, stepson) and three amazing grandsons,

Administrative Assistant for a producer of custom brass windows

Crazy about: Living in San Antonio, decorating, traveling to warm places, games (the party kind, not the mess-with-someone’s-head kind), reading, psychology, and having fun,

Most of all, I love the Lord, I love my family (so much!), and I love life. I plan to keep loving it and appreciating it every day that God gives me, and then go to be with Him (woooo hoooo!!)

And the hair does come back!

A.C. (After Chemo)


14 thoughts on “About me

  1. Margaret Womack

    Thank you for your honesty. I think most of us struggle with doing what we know we’re supposed to be doing. Even the apostle Paul said that he did what he did not want to do, but didn’t do what he wanted to do.

  2. viplove

    Hi Kim
    At the pretext of sounding weird , I still got to say this
    I have no clue who u are and where u live
    I am just a 30yr old guy from southern INDIA. An aspiring film maker. A couple of weeks ago , in a dream , I found a woman living in a house full of books and a termite attack slowly invading into her life. And a termite inspector who comes to her rescue forms a bond with her. Wanted to make a story and film out of it , I have been trying since then. Today I googled for anyone who wrote similar stuff , found your blog. Liked the way you made an analogy of the termites with people who dwell in to relationships and silently making one empty. I thought may be you can say something about this to me .. please , if you like to talk about emptiness , infestations in to life …in philosophical ways , drop me a mail . regards

    • Hi,
      I’m glad you found my blog, and I’m happy to share with you. I think you might have slightly misinterpreted my post about termites though. What I was trying to say was not that the people were termites eating my life and leaving me empty, as much as that my reactions to relationships that weren’t what I expected or wanted them to be, could be termites eating away at my inner peace and happiness.

      I’m happy to correspond with you, and I can be very philosophical. Emptiness is something that I know a lot about and have experienced for much of my life. Happily, I have found a real answer to that emptiness, and if you read more of my posts you might see that.

      Good luck with your story/film. I look forward to hearing from you again.

  3. jeannie

    Ok, Kimmy, In October Todd got married to his sweetheart from 8 years ago. She had gotten married and has since been divorced, and has a cutie little 3 year old, Conlan, he is my first. Well, now Todd and amy are going to have a baby in October. so i will have 2 then. I so don’t even know what to do with one, so i will def need some advice. But am soooo excited for this blessing. Conlan is a wonder ful kid and he is already my grandson. btw, yours are awesome and i can’t believe how much they have grown. wow!!! Blessings to you and yours and keep getter better, baby.
    love ya

  4. Jeannie

    Hey Kimmy, I can’t tell you how excited and glad I am to hear you are half way thru and the doc is confident this will take care of the rest of the cancer. Yeah, God!! I cannot imagine you w/o the flowing red locks, tho. Of course, that will all come back, too. I cannot believe how beautiful Courtney is, even more so than last time i saw her. What a blessing. I still have the COF pic on my wall, and smile when i see it at all the fun we had.
    Love you

    • Did you see the pics of the day I lost my hair? It’s in early Feb I think or late Jan. If you run your mouse over the calendar it tells you the titles of the blogs for each day. The one called “chemo hair loss day” has pics of the whole thing, shaving, the mohawk, bald Kimmy, the works!

      I miss you, I was just thinking about you THIS MORNING!!!

      • Jeannie

        Well, I love the doo. You would look beautiful anyway. (Like Courtney). When you are all done with this and all better, you will be SINGING again! You are blessed, you have sam and you have this awesome attitude that i see coming over your blogs. I can only hope i can be strong in the Lord when I face the trials in my life. You inspire me. Prayers from your old church WFMC, are coming out to you. Blessing to you both. Hi, Sam!

      • Jeannie

        Hey, how you doing? sounds like in a couple weeks this tx will be over. I am sorry about Sam’s job. I had saved that e mail from you about where you might have had to move. Well, I know he is the type to find a job, even when they are scarce. Will add that to my prayer list. I was just down here printing off Sam’s e’s from when you first got sick, cuz Laha hasn’t been on her puter at home and anita’s is down, so maybe they can get on your blog here from work or library. All send love and prayers. I loved looking at the pics of you, and remembering the fun we used to have singing, esp practicing, SARGE!! You hang in and we will not give up the fight here. Take care. Hi to Sam.
        love ya,

        p.s. I’m gonna be a grandma………..

      • jeannie

        Hi Kimmy (and Sam, too) so so happy to hear that the results are good, and that the Lord directed Sam to a job. Oh, and the house, but where you gonna live since the job in San Diego(?) didnt’ work out? Not that i’m worried, cuz obviously the Lord is in control (thankyou Lord) and also, thank you for sharing your blog and giving the rest of us encouragement. hang in .
        love ya

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