Singing Praises


There is good news to report, and I am not going to waste time! God was truly with me this week, starting with the injections going Friday-Monday.  I was prepared for them to be just as awful as the first time I had chemo, only then I only got them once every three weeks, not four days in a row!  They caused the worst migraines I had ever gotten and bone pain that felt like they were breaking inside of you.  And I couldn’t take anything because of liver and kidney damage that threatened me, so it was no fun.

But this time, I got the first shot and waited for the pain to start.  And it didn’t.  At all.  Saturday, the same thing.  Sunday, the same.  Monday, the same! NO PAIN at all!! I was praising God for sure.

Then, also on Monday was the catheter insertion.  This I was truly dreading, imagining scalpels in my neck, and what kind of catheter was it going to be, anyway? Well, the Lord took wonderful care of me! Sam took the call saying I didn’t need to come back the next day. (Usually people do have to, but I had harvested enough cells in one day!)  We went back and I was surprised to find out that they take the catheters out without any pain killers at all.  But when they were actually proceeding, it was quite pleasantly painless.  And instead of huge scars, I have three little scratches on my neck, that hardly show.

Now, I just have to wait for the chemo to start.  I was misinformed about the start date – I had the idea that it needed to be immediate because of lack of immune system.  This is not the case.  I have some white cells left even though I did harvest many of them.  And they are multiplying.  It’s the chemo that will harm them or kill them.  Then I will receive an infusion of the “new” cells.

The admission date has been tentatively set for July 28.  This doesn’t leave me much time to try to get to my son’s wedding on August 26.  They are saying 2-3 weeks recovery and then 2-3 weeks at home.

It’s in God’s hands.

Instead, you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that” James 4:15